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“We believe in a world where technology and automated predictions empower organizations to translate smart risks into profitable growth.”

At Pinpoint Predictive, we work hard to prepare the insurance industry for a more equitable, profitable, and efficient future. The heart and soul of our work is creating a world where predictions and technology are used to steward a more inclusive and economically stable society. And all of our values reflect this vision.

How it Started

In 2020, Scott Ham (former CEO and GC of Transamerica’s insurance businesses) saw the potential of what Founder Avi Tuschman and team had built, with initial backing from the Stanford StartX Fund and top Silicon Valley VCs. They would go on to join forces, having instantly recognized the incredible potential to be the very solution the insurance industry needed, and have an impact not seen in decades.

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Pinpoint is supported by leading visionaries in the insurance industry who are united in their commitment to fostering profitable and fair growth for carriers while helping them serve their policyholders in the most equitable way.


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