Avi Tuschman

Avi Tushman - Founder and CIO

Avi Tuschman is the Founder of Pinpoint Predictive, a Stanford StartX, InsurTech NY, and VC-backed company. Pinpoint works with home, auto, and small-business insurers to provide unmatched loss predictions at top of funnel and prior to renewal decisions. Our platform provides the first deep-learning-powered predictions for actuarial loss, litigation propensity, SIU referral, early cancellation, and premium leakage. Carriers unlock loss ratio reductions of 3-10 points.

Tuschman is also an expert on the science underlying human political orientation. His research has been covered in peer-reviewed and mainstream media from 25 countries, including Bloomberg Businessweek, the New York Times, the Atlantic, Washington Monthly, MSNBC, Spain’s El País, Colombia’s El Tiempo, China’s CCTV, Israel’s The Marker, and Brazil’s Veja Magazine.