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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is using Pinpoint Predictive?

Property and casualty insurance carriers, including those in the top 10 for home, auto, and small business categories, are looking to improve their risk scores and profitability with Pinpoint’s behavioral data predictions.

Why are top insurers making Pinpoint Predictive a strategic investment?

  • Pinpoint provides fastest and greatest time-to-value in the P&C ecosystem
  • Able to materially impact combined ratios and drive profitability
  • Informs intelligent growth  strategies based on predictive power of Pinpoint

Where in the customer journey/buying journey can Pinpoint Predictive scores be used?

  • At the beginning of the customer journey
  • Before underwriting and rating decisions

What data does Pinpoint Predictive use?

  • Proprietary behavioral economics data
  • Behavioral footprint data based on years of custom supply-chain development and exhaustive legal and bias reviews
  • Compliant and ethical AI data. For more information, visit our Compliance page.

What data does Pinpoint Predictive not use?

Pinpoint Predictive does not use:

  • Individual credit scores
  • Zip codes
  • Race
  • Biometrics

For more information, visit our Compliance page.

What is behavioral economics?

In the most basic terms, “behavioral economics” is a consumer analysis method. It applies psychology to human behavior and links those behaviors to decision-making.

This field incorporates psychological insights into economic analysis. Even intelligent people often make irrational decisions and engage in behaviors that do not follow financial predictions.

There are two general questions that behavioral economics asks:

  • Do economists appropriately assess/understand real people’s behavior when they make assumptions about maximizing profits?
  • Do buyers maximize the utility that economists expect them to?

Pinpoint Predictive models individuals variation in behavioral economics propensities, creating important new predictive efficiencies.

What is explainable AI?

Explainable AI visualizes the unique signals that characterize sets of people whose actions are critical to your business.

Our platform’s suite of data visualization removes the black box, revealing the understandable traits that drive key risk behaviors. Our core approach has been validated by peer-reviewed research from Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia business schools.

Why do you call it a proof of value, not proof of concept? What is the difference?

A Proof of Concept (POC) is typically used to answer the question “can this be done?”, while Proof of Value (POV) is used to answer “What is the value of doing this?”

Pinpoint Predictive engages with clients to perform proof of value engagements because we know that loss ratio, litigation, SIU referral, early cancellation and premium leakage can be predicted earlier and better.

Therefore proof of concept would be irrelevant. The proof of value, however, quantifies the real ROI impact of implementing new or better predictions.

What is the process to get started and how long does it take?

  • The Proof of Value (POV) process is simple and requires only a few hours of client work.
  • During the POV process, we work with a technical lead, a business lead, and an actuarial lead.

To get started, Book a Discovery Call to speak with a Pinpoint Predictive solutions expert.

How do I get access to the OnPoint Platform?

If you are a current Pinpoint Predictive client, click here to login to OnPoint. We also have a button at the top of our website labeled, “Client Login”.

For new insurance carriers wanting a demo of OnPoint, Book a discovery Call.

How does Pinpoint Predictive safeguard information privacy?

  • Our patent-pending modeling method generates individual-level behavioral-economic models with complete user pseudonymization.
  • Pinpoint is fully CCPA compliant, and privacy-safe by design.
  • We monitor privacy and insurance regulations on an ongoing basis to ensure continued compliance and security.
  • We do not scrape customer data.
  • Our systems are continuously monitored by Vanta for SOC2 Type 2 compliance.

For more information, please visit our Compliance page.

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